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DreamWidth crossposting

Apparently LiveJournal has recently made it really easy for users to publicly tweet their comments on friends-locked entries, or something. Partially as a result of that, I gather, a bunch of my friends appear to be jumping ship to DreamWidth, and Rebecca is encouraging me to do the same.

After a bit of work, I've got my blog set up to allow crossposting to DreamWidth as well as LiveJournal. (This was six more (and one changed) lines of code to support crossposting to multiple sites, one changed line to support DreamWidth as well as LiveJournal, and eight new lines of configuration. Yay? Or something?)

Anyway, I'll probably start paying about as much attention to DreamWidth as I do to LiveJournal now, or something. (Which is to say, approximately none.)


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Website updates

Since I last posted any useful site news, I've:

  • Added a LiveJournal crossposter to the blog --- most of my posts will be ending up on LiveJournal, if you'd rather read them there
  • Made some minor tweaks to the software that runs this site and the blog --- less stupid host autodetection, nicer URLs for blog entries, etc.
  • Moved to new hosting --- I have a new server (lushan, replacing borobudur), a new hosting VM (masada, replacing borobudur), and a new location (my desk at ET, replacing under my desk at home). This should provide better network connectivity, more IP addresses, and physical access if problems arise during the large fraction of the year when I'm in Massachusetts.
  • Gotten a certificate trusted by orders of magnitude more people (though still not the general public...) --- it's now signed by the MIT CA instead of me
  • Gotten a somewhat cooler URL --- --- no tilde, arguably cooler domain name

There's probably something else, but...


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As you may have noticed, recently I've been setting up some new systems --- mostly VMs on my new server.

I name my servers alphabetically after UNESCO heritage sites. You can also take a look at my current names.

My new server is now lushan (UNESCO WP), a pretty awesome looking mountain with spiritual significance in China.

My main VM, which currently serves my website and will be taking over copan's role serving DNS and mail as well, is called masada (UNESCO WP) --- an old Judean fortress that shares a name with a fairly important planet in the Honor Harrington series.

For N, my leading candidates are:

  • Nessebar (UNESCO WP), home of a variety of historic buildings
  • Novgorod (UNESCO WP), a former Russian capital

I haven't found any names yet for O --- if you can find something that matches my naming scheme and sounds awesome, let me know.

For P:

  • Pirin (UNESCO WP), another awesome mountain range
  • Potosi (UNESCO WP), an old, massive industrial complex (as a bonus, it's in South America, which I think is currently under-represented amongst my names)

I encourage people to weigh in on what names I should pick, or suggest new ones (especially for the letters I don't having anything for yet).


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